About Pureauto

PURE AUTO: the first even more environment-friendly line of car care products made in Lithuania. Each step the manufacturer takes – from cleaner and more natural product composition to 100% biodegradable containers and safer use – serves our ultimate goal to help you to take care of your car and your environment.

The composition of PURE AUTO products is the result of thoughtful consideration. We only use components of vegetable origin, natural perfume extracts giving our products their pleasant, clean smell, top-quality alcohol, and other additives. Our car care products contain no phosphates, synthetic colour, or other substances harmful to the environment.

The new, even more environmental-friendly PURE AUTO packaging also aligns well with our commitment towards preservation of nature. Special components make the containers 100% biodegradable. The original container design with a special detachable spout makes pouring liquid products easy and prevents any spills. All product labels are made of biodegradable plastics.

The development of environment-friendly PURE AUTO product line from Lesta is a result of a thorough evaluation of global trends and car care product supply. Lesta distributes its products in Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, and Estonia. Almost two decades of unique experience allows us to offer industry best car care products to the most discerning customers.

Our specialists work together with suppliers and research centres to take only the best from the market - from cutting-edge technologies to top-quality raw materials - and put it into our production. In 2005 we implemented an environmental management system. We consider environment protection as one of our strategic directions.

Today PURE AUTO gives each of us an opportunity to choose responsibly and create the world where environment-friendly products will not only have added value but also become our obvious choice.